After spending far too much of my life indulging in procrastination on a level even a Shakespearean protagonist would be hard pressed to match, I’ve decided that 2012 is the year (the last in my twenties) to kick the habit.

No more shall it be OK to put things off to tomorrow. No longer shall I pass up on opportunities (Danny Wallace would be ashamed to have me as a fan). And never again shall I not pursue something I want due to fear of failure or rejection. I  know that there are only 6 and a bit months left of the year so it will also run into 2013 but all the hard work will hopefully be done by then and I’ll simply be enjoying the benefits.

So here is my manifesto:-

Whilst my dream job may still be a mere speak on my career horizon a better job (even in the current economic climate) should be doable, so first up – Change in employment. Requirements include better location, better wages, more than 20 days holiday a year and with more chance to learn and develop my skills and be challenged.

I’m also in the first throws of setting up my own business but have wussed out of making any significant progress for the last 3 weeks or so. I have set myself a deadline and unlike most of my papers at Uni this won’t work if I leave it to the last minute. So the next step, knowing about how I tend to need some sort of looming deadline or pressure to get me into gear, is to commit to something that I can’t back out of and I think I have some ideas…

I also LOVE cooking and plants so having at least a little greenery of both the edible and non-edible types  is a must from now on. I made a start on this today by visiting the quite remarkable, if mildly claustrophobic, Shoreditch flower market. Admittedly it was just a bunch of roses I walked away with but it’s a start. I still have to figure out the shared garden protocol for the building I’ve recently moved in to.

Other things to tackle include:

Dance classes (trying out any type excluding ballet and tap)
Get a scooter licence
Get a backbone, ignore my parents and get that tasteful tattoo I’ve always wanted
Find my last ever rental accommodation ( a place I’m mostly happy in but I’ll still want to leave to get my own place).
Go to a supper club (at least one – I love the concept of these)
Go to a different bar or event every week as there’s too much to experience in London to get stuck in a rut.
See live music at every possible opportunity and write it up in a different blog.

Yes I am the living cliché that is a green-fingered, repressed rock-chick with guilt issues.

Anyway that’s just scratching the surface in terms of what I’ve got planned but I’ve learnt it’s best not to get too involved with list making or that becomes a job in and of itself. Enough to be getting on with for the time being at least I think.

So it all starts (properly) tomorrow. Wish me luck!